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Industrial Sectional Doors


Industrial sectional doorsare fully covered and divided into horizontal sections, and runs in a track system fitted to the door opening. The door weight is balanced vertically using a balancing system and it is insulated and sealed well. The door is basically designed for users who need a robust, well insulated and space saving door in the outer walls of tempered industrial premises.


  • Convenience in operation
    Two operations: e-powered and manual operations. The particular operation balances the weight of panel, which raise the convenience in operation.
  • Safety features
    Anti-pinch device, infrared sensor and safety edge airbag are provided for the absolute safety. When its seal hits an obstacle, the airbag system stops the operation. The door automatically moves upwards to free the obstacle, which prevents the accident.
  • Appearance
    The surface of inside and outside panel is processed in a special way, which could meet the various appearance demands of modern industrial factory.
  • Sealing
    All sectional doors are equipped with top and bottom seals. Further, all tracks provided with seals between tracks and door panels are to provide excellent sealing between door tracks and door leafs.
  • Wind Load Resistance
    Wind load resistance of the door meets the demand of wind class 12 with reinforce inside and strengthening accessories.
  • Theft-guard
    Bolts and locks are provided ensure the doors could be locked inside, which reinforces the door and guards against theft.
  • Daylighting
    Windows in a variety of shapes (rectangle or oval) are available for the different types of insulated door. All windows have double glazing acrylate with high quality cast plastic frames. Indus provides free choice of numbers of windows per row and number of rows.

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