Domestic Doors Automation



  • Electronic limit switch control system for precise stop/start positioning.
  • Safer open and closed position control by way of electronic limit switches and advanced load sensing.
  • Flip-open lid with easy access for bulb replacement, external connections and transmitter programming.
  • Onboard receiver for remote controlled door operation.
  • Electronic board with built in ET Blue Keelog© rolling-code receiver.
  • 24 Volt DC motor.
  • Auto close function.
  • Safety beams input.
  • Soft start and stop.dc_blue_gate motor
  • Courtesy light.


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Roll Up Door Motor


  • Ensures that the door will always track level.
  • Ensures that the door will respond to an obstruction that is at any point under the door.
  • Can be fitted to any make or model of steel roll-up type door.
  • Ensures that the door can be set to open to it’s full open height.
  • Ensures that door is positively locked at both sides in the closed position.
  • The design of the system prolongs the life expectancy of the door and operator because no unnecessary strain is put on the system.
  • Ensures easy emergency operation in the event of a power failure and ensures that the door can be locked without the use of any additional locks.

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